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Lesson#5: Abstraction

The previous chapter showed the decompositional approach to problem-solving, whereby a large, complex problem is divided into smaller, simpler sub-problems. The motivation behind it is that solving a series of simple problems is easier than trying to tackle a big complex one.

Lesson#4: Patterns & Generalization

In this lesson, we will talk about the Patterns and Generalization of a problem’s solution. This is the continuation of the Problem-solving lesson. Effective problem-solving actually involves more than just finding a solution. Once we’ve found a solution, we should put effort into its improvement by finding ways to make it more powerful. Recognizing and …

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Lesson#2: Algorithmic Thinking

This is the second lesson of a set of 8 lessons in the field of Algorithmic Thinking. In the previous lessons, we saw what is “Logical Thinking”. In this lesson, we are approaching the notion of  “Algorithmic Thinking”.

Lesson#1: Logical Thinking

This is the first lesson of a set of 8 lessons in the field of Algorithmic Thinking. These lessons have been created in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA2 project called “Algorithmic Thinking for Migrants teachers’ education”. The title of this lesson is called “Logical Thinking”.